Benni & Co. was created to bring smiles to dogs across the globe in beautifully designed accessories, inspired by high end fashion & comfort. We strive to give back to our community by donating a portion of our sales to local animal shelters to help dogs in need.
Benni & Co. was built on the foundation of fulfilling a childhood dream and it wouldn't have happened without the endless love, support and encouragement from our family & friends. We are truly grateful to see our dream become a reality. 
Benni was the little guy behind the motivation. He is a beautiful soul, who brings joy, laughter, and silliness to everyone around him. His genuine love for his family and friends is truly what makes him unique. Benni is the glue that holds our little family together, we are grateful for him each day. 
Our Spring/Summer 2021 collection was inspired by the vibrant colours of the tropical beaches we have visited and the beautiful florals that surround them. The designs hold the essence of nature's true beauty and the relaxing effects of a calm ocean breeze on a summers evening. 
Individually we are Benni and Sangita, together we are Benni & Co.