This harness is simply fabulous. The quality is off the charts. It is definitely better (and prettier) than any harnesses I’ve seen in pet stores. Even the packaging was adorable (it came in a nice small pouch in a ribboned box, with a couple treats, Oslo says thanks btw). Super easy to clip and adjust too.

Anabel & Oslo

This harness is AMAZING! My pup weighs 14 pounds and is a size XS and it’s a perfect fit. You can adjust it at the neck and around the body which is great because my dog has a small neck and sometimes harnesses are a bit loose. It has beautiful rose gold buckles that give it a sophisticated look. It’s also padded nicely so it seems breathable and comfortable for him. Definitely a must have!!

Emily & Crash

This harness is a great product for all dogs, whether they’re gentle or they go hard each walk! My dog wears it every day, plays a ton in it, and it always looks as good as new after I wash it. I’ve been washing it at least once a week for 5+ months and it’s still in excellent condition. The quality is amazing and overall I’m really impressed with the product and Benni & Co.

Kayla & Arlo


Benni & Sangita